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Complex connections, multiplex interfacing, tight spaces, compound problems.  It’s what we solve with our products to provide simple solutions to enable you to fully accomplish your upfitting tasks. We are a growing electronic manufacturing company for the emergency vehicle industry, producing electronic interfaces, providing  unique solutions for unique upfitting issues.   All our products are designed, made and assembled in the USA.

Our products have been painstakingly  designed to provide useful features with simple results.  We believe that the small details such as compact and shielded design of the ignition delay module works well for all types of vehicles with 12vdc systems, including police motorbikes where simple functions and size are important to you.  The two available Dodge interface modules provides upfitters an escape from having to deal with headaches and time of interfacing the vehicle’s electronics. 

We encourage you to watch us grow as a company to address your needs whether you are a customer, upfitting company, or a fleet manager.  It’s not just taking care of complex problems of, but your time and budget without sacrificing important features.

It’s a great pleasure for us to  serve you!
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